Apparently I Blinked Once Too Much

Well look at that. 2012 is officially half over. Well, hmm. Actually, it’s more than half over now. Admittedly, only by a day, but still … the first half was just a blur. Next thing you know, it’ll be time for the Super Bowl.

It’s been a pretty significant first half of the year for me and mine:

  • Kids finished up school and are now bored out of their skulls around the house.
  • Wife is busily trying to find ways to keep the kids from killing each other (with much success, I might add).
  • We bought a swimming pool for the back yard: 18′ x 4′. Accidentally set it up inside out to start with, but after draining it, cleaning the underside, flipping it right side out, and refilling it, it’s fine. My back, however, hates me with renewed vigor and zeal.
  • Took in a stray kitten whose mom had been run over on a back country road. She and her kitten brother were milling about the body, sadly and pathetically trying to get the mom to move. How tragic is *that*?! So my wife took one home, and the other is with some friends in another town.
  • Got to see an annular solar eclipse AND a Venus transit within a month of each other. THAT is pretty cool!
  • Took a road trip to Kanab for the eclipse. Met some awesome people, and got to hang out with some incredible friends.

Eventful first half, to be sure … but it’s going to pick up in the next half! Know How I know? IT ALREADY HAS.

Stand by for other new post, coming soon to a blog near you!




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