Diatribe and Drivel

So here I sit at work. Not an uncommon event, but today is kind of super slow since the web-based software I’m supposed to be documenting is currently down for maintenance. No idea how long, so … yah.

Just over 2 months ago, I had surgery on my shoulder and detached biceps. Just under 6 months ago, I started going back to the gym. I say “back” like I had been going extensively at some point in my past. HA HA HA HA HA HA! Yah. No. Admittedly, though, I’m a rather large fan of the gym culture. It’s not a lot of “I’m better than you” or “you aren’t working hard enough” … there’s more of a “Hey man … nice job!” mentality. We’re all trying to better ourselves. Why would someone go out of their way to make someone else feel small or push them to quitting?

Anyway, since the surgery, I haven’t been able to do much other than ride a stationary bike or walk on a treadmill. And what is this month’s activity goal? Exercise 2010 minutes. That’s just under 65 minutes a day. Yup. I’m gonna do it. Told myself last night that I’m gonna crush it whatever the goal is. September was kind of a blah month exercise wise. I met the goal, but I didn’t … I dunno. Enjoy it? August was a great month. I pushed myself *hard* to meet that goal, and this month looks like it’s gonna be the same.

You’ll see. Goals are locked in.

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