Who Am I?

In the words of Geoff Tate, “I am I.”

I’m just a working guy (most of the time, anyway …) who is a huge fan of music. I tend to favor bands with some depth–either in lyrics, composition, or whatever. I like key and time changes, but not for the sake of changes. I cut my musical chops on classical, moved into 80s pop (not proud, just sayin’ …), got into more alternative stuff, came around to progressive rock, and now starting to dig eastern-influenced music. I like what I like. You don’t have to agree … just respect my tastes and I’ll respect yours.


  1. Hey Geoff,

    Our name’s Malatese, we’re good friends with Gypsy Death and You. Thought you might like to have a listen to our EP, here’s the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zg1uokby90fhqdf

    All the best,
    Malatese (Jon Reed, George Dodson, Graham Brouder, Travis Legg)

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  2. Hi Geoff
    Since you are both into classical and modern stuff you might like my stuff.
    Its a mix of electronics and symphony orchestra.
    Enjoy Jenno

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  3. Hey its lazerman121 I need to get in touch with you log in to lpf and Check you PM
    I broke the unite i was going to send to you.
    I need to know if you want unit 2

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  4. What’s up! Just came across your site and thought we’d send you a link to check out our EP. Hope you like! https://soundcloud.com/ontilmorningband/sets/something-beautiful-ep

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  5. Big fan of your bio. I don’t usually hear people talk about time changes, and music with depth in general. That was a refreshing read.

    To be honest I found you on kickstarter. I started a project for music education but I really don’t have an internet following and didn’t realize that made me a drop in an ocean of projects. There are services you can pay to have your project exposed to people who are repeat backers, like yourself. Instead I wanted to do the research to time-consuming way and find people who might actually care about my ideas.

    Help if you can, I understand if you can’t, and keep up the really cool blog

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