Kickstarter Project: Emme Packer

I love the fact that Emme Packer makes awesome music. I also love the fact that she’s local to Salt Lake. I love more the fact that she’s a local artist whose kickstarter project is now 100% funded …

for the first tier.

Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time to rise up and help support an amazing artist. She has raised the inital $1500 she was hoping for, and now she has set her sights even higher: she wants to record a new CD.

She plays beautiful music, her voice is angelic and about as soft as the hundreds of kittens that hopefully adorn her recording studio (you Kickstarter supporters know what I mean), and I’m stoked to be supporting her project. My only regret is that I don’t have more to offer right now. The point is, if I did, I would. I’d go for that $300 in-house concert. How cool would that be?

Speaking of, she has some awesome pledge rewards going on. There are digital downloads, older CDs, DVDs, concert CDs, guitars, in-house concerts, hand-drawn art, t-shirts, guitars … there’s a TON of cool stuff! I’m opting for the 4 signed CDs. I like my hardware signed … what can I say? BUT, like I said, if I had the extra $270, I’d pony up for the in-house concert in a second.

There’s a preview video on her Kickstarter page. Check out her song, and realize that she has 4 CDs of equal bliss. She wants to make a 5th, and I for one am ALL for that.

Help make her dream a reality! She’s worth the investment.


Kickstarter Project: Terri Tarantula

Yesterday, I posted about Christa Joy’s Kickstarter project, and I got to thinking, “hmm … I could post the other Kickstarter projects I’m funding (or at least hope to fund!).” Hence this post about Terri Tarantula.

So she’s working on getting out some new music here in the near future. I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far. Kind of a piano and drum based sound, which works for me. Not so much like Tori Amos or Regina Spektor … kind of like A Fine Frenzy or Wild Strawberries sound. I like it. Mellow, relaxing, and a great voice to match the music.

She’s pretty responsive to comments left on her Kickstarter site, too. I asked her about an in-house performance, and being that she lives in the Seattle area and I live in Utah, she didn’t flat-out rule against it, which I thought was pretty sweet. To be fair, I don’t have $500 to spare, though if I can work enough hours, I might (though I think that would be met with *strong* resistance from a certain woman with whom I share financial responsibilities … 🙂 ) More than likely, I’ll up my contribution to the reward that includes a hand-crafted box (and, as Terri put it, will be crafted out of either wood or metal … I’m hoping for wood, but that’s just me) and a bunch of cool one-offs like hand-written lyrics, demo CDs … excellent stuff to include in a rewards-based funding project.

Go pledge a donation to Terri’s new music! Doesn’t have to be a ton; every little bit helps! No sense in keeping all these great musicians financially shackled if we can help them. Just my opinion, but her music is worth it! Get the word out.

Kickstarter Project: Christa Joy

As you may or may not know, I like to peruse Kickstarter to see what musicians are making stuff. Yesterday, I stumbled across this gem. I decided to support her because a) her music sounds pretty cool from the snippet on her KS video, and b) she’s a freakin’ Kindergarten teacher! How cool is that? My daughter’s gonna be in Kindergarten this coming school year. I don’t know why, but I just felt drawn to Christa’s project. So here’s hoping it gets funded!

Here’s what you need to do: share this with as many people as you can and get the word out on her project. Even ONE dollar makes a big difference. And she’s giving away some really awesome compensations for bigger donations. I selected the $25 option cuz it comes with a copy of the CD, <strong suggestion>hopefully signed</strong suggestion>.

Anyway, go support her project! I highly recommend it!

Fund This Project on Kickstarter: Rise and Fall of Tower Records Documentary

Sorry for the posting flood. My fellow bloggers over at New Band Day posted this earlier today, and I have to repost. I grew up in southern Ohio and Western New York. As far as I know, we had no Tower Records in our area, but that doesn’t change the enormity nor the importance they played in the music industry. If nothing else, I can respect that immensely.

Their doors closed in 2006. The empire was dead. The story, however, remained relatively unheard.

Enter Colin Hanks. He has taken it upn himself to make a documentary of Tower Records’ history. In an effort to curb funding issues, he’s created a Kickstarter project, and it is literally exploding. While I was perusing the page, over $1000 in donations poured in. Looks like the funding will definitely be there!

For any interested in helping with the project, you can read about and make a contribution here.

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