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Last year, I wrote about Dr. Seuss’ birthday. The admiration I have for him has not abated over the course of last 365 days; if anything, it’s increased.

Today, my 2nd grade daughter is having “pajama day” at school. Her class earned the right to have a book party for reading the most out of anyone else in the school, and they are being rewarded with some pretty cool stuff (by 2nd grade standards, anyway). She was allowed to bring her favorite books to school. Being that it’s Dr. Seuss day, she opted to bring “Horton Hatches an Egg” and “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” I couldn’t be more proud of her. What a great way to celebrate Mr. Geisel’s accomplishments.

Maybe tonight, we’ll watch “The Cat in the Hat” with Mike Meyers. Actually, I kind of doubt we will. That movie was horrible. “The Grinch” is pretty good though … unfortunately, I like to keep my movies in their proper season. For that very reason, my wife and I only watch “Groundhog Day” once a year.

Happy birthday, Mr. Theodore Geisel. Your writings are as engaging and amazing as they were 10, 20, 50 years ago!



Happy Birthday, Dr. Theodor Geisel

When I was growing up, my mom always got me Dr. Seuss books. I loved reading about Whos and Sneetches, and I was just as afraid of the green pants as anyone. Yertle deserved to be knocked down a few pegs!

Anyone who reads those books now as an adult can clearly see the stories for what they are/were: social messages and commentaries. Look at Yertle the Turtle. The comparison between him and Quadaffi is almost disturbingly parallel. As of this writing, he is still in charge of Libya, though the uprising is getting to the point of insurmountable. The UN is looking to take a stand against him and his regime. Meanwhile, he climbs on the backs of his fellow countrymen and rakes in millions and millions. He is Yertle.

Dr. Seuss’ books were beloved by children for their wackiness and far-out stories. Adults love his books for the still-applicable messages: Yaxes can still learn to work with each other and come to an agreement; and who cares if bellies have “stars upon thars”? We’re all the same, and until we treat each other like we are, we’ll always have some ridiculous stigmatized stereotype. And we’ll pay inordinate amounts of money TO BE THAT SNEETCH. Look at Charlie Sheen. Actually, you know what? Don’t. He’s a poor example of just about everything. 🙂

I know this post isn’t music-related, but Dr. Geisel and his writings transcend music. They transcend music, sports, movies … his writings are not some frivilous pop-schlock to be taken lightly; his were masterfully, perfectly, and geniusly written stories that speak volumes about our culture. By “our,” I mean humanity’s existence–not a particular race, or ethnicity, or whatever. We are humans. We are eternal; all this pain is an illusion.

Ha! There! I tied music into the post. Can anyone guess how? 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to celebrate in a most Seussian way: we’re making green eggs and … well, sausage, since it’s what we have, and the girls love it. Truthfully, I prefer it over ham, too, even though I *love* ham. That should say something about sausage.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Geisel. Thank you for your wonderful stories and your unique vision and ability to create fantastical worlds in which to tell your tales.

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