Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder what happened to a particular person? Even if that particular person was “just” a back-up singer? Where’s Camille Henderson? Martina Topley? More importantly, do y0u even know who these people are?!

I do. Between this and some other musicians, I think I have enough for a great little VH-1-type post for today.

Let’s start with Camille Henderson. Doesn’t ring a bell, does it? How about if I mention Fumbling towards Ecstasy? Mirrorball? Surfacing? “Erm … not to piss you off there, Mr. Writer, but those are Sarah McLachlan CDs.” Indeed they are, Mr. Astute Reader. However, the tie Mrs. Henderson has to these CDs is that she was the sultry back-up singer. You know those incredibly high notes you hear in “Fear” from Fumbling? That’s Camille. She is an incredible singer.

So where is she now?

Apparently, she’s content being a mommy! So much so that she has a blog that she and her sister maintain about their mommy exploits. You can read up on her goings-on here.

In the mid-90s, Tricky branched out from Massive Attack to write his own material. His first solo effort, Maxinquaye, is a fantastic listen. He enlisted the help of Martina Topley-Bird. My favorite track is the re-titled Public Enemy cover, “Black Steel.” Great track. “Picture me giving a damn … I said, ‘never.'” She has sung on every Tricky CD so far, the last one being Angels with Dirty Faces. What has she been doing?

She’s been a busy chick. She’s performed with a bah-zillion other artists, released solo CDs, and written songs for video games. To narrow the scope though, she’s been writing lots and lots of good music. Of valuable note are her solo CDs. Her voice is just as smooth and distinct as anything she did with Tricky, and in my opinion, the music is better. Her style is more trance-pop with a sprinkling of ambient. It’s very relaxing.


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