Funny Work Place Convo

So, my buddy Howard and I were chatting over our inter-office chat doohickey. Noticing the time, I realized how much I still have to get done (yet here I am, taking time to post a new blog entry).


Chris: okay,  i *must* get this crap done

Chris: refocusing …

Howard: k

Howard: gl

Chris: yah … thanks.  i’m going to need it

Chris:   🙂

Howard: np mp glot

Chris: dude

Chris: that looks like a sigur ros song

Poor guy had no clue what I meant. 

It looks like Sigur Ros “lyrics” to me, anyway.


  1. Dude. It sounds like your “Howard” friend is a rockin’ cool guy.

    Yeah, and who is “Sigur Ros,” anyway? Does he/she/it sing only in acronyms?

    Inquiring minds would politely like to know.

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  2. He’s a fairly friendly fellow. 🙂

    Oh hey! It’s YOU! Who knew?

    Yah sigur Ros is an interesting band. most of their stuff is in Icelandic, but one CD, ( ), is pretty much all gibberish. Jon Birgisson likes to just make up stuff. No reason, no meaning … just using his voice as an instrument. It’s pretty cool.

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