New Music Friday

Gah. I can’t wait for fall and winter. The upstairs at the U of U Graywhale is frickin’ hot. Maybe it’s all the amazing music. No air conditioning can contain the heat!

</stupidly unacceptable cheese>

Moving on, I’m stoked about the haul this week. Lots of great stuff. I threw in Pretty Girls Make Graves’ The New Romance on the way back to the office. Only got to hear a couple of tracks, but it was like Metric met the Raveonettes. Not at all a bad mix!

Here’s the rest of the grab.

  • Prinzhorn Dance School
  • Power Solo – Egg
  • Hello Blue Roses
  • Joker’s Daughter – The Last Laugh
  • Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny
  • Deborah Bonham – Duchess (John Bonham’s litte sister!)
  • Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains – The Big Eyeball in the Sky
  • Boss Hog (
  • Emelie Autumn – Opheliac (deluxe edition)
  • Collide – Like the Hunted (DVD)

I’m stoked to watcht the Collide DVD. KARin can sing … reminds me of a subdued Maria Brink of In this Moment fame. Hello Blue Roses came highly recommended from a buddy of mine, so when I saw it sitting on the shelf, I grabbed it. Power Solo … not sure what to expect. I don’t know if these guys are intentionally trying to look like nerds or what, but I guess we’ll see.

Colonel Claypool is, of course, none other than Les Claypool of Primus fame. He loves to create side projects, doesn’t he? Oysterhead, Sausauge, Flying Frog Brigade … boy’s busy.

Deborah Bonham’s CD should be interesting. Jason Bonham, Joh’s son, plays drums on one of the tracks.

We’ll see how these pan out!

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