Upcoming Interview with Paisley Rose

Okay, I know I said back in June that I’d be interviewing Paisley Rose in the coming weeks. “Weeks” translates into approximately 26. 🙂 Hey, they’re busy writing new material and making excellent music. Who am I to stand in the way?

However, the interview questions have been forwarded for their consideration! They’re getting ready to shoot a video for one of their new tracks, so hopefully that means the new material will be released really soon.

So if you haven’t checked them out on iTunes, I would highly recommend that you do. Ignore the “pop” genre label. It’s flat-out wrong. I don’t know what to classify them as, but I can promise you it’s NOT pop.


  1. You say “pop” like it’s a bad thing…

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  2. ha ha … you know me crystal. “pop” is not my thing. especially top 40 pop. i guess some “pop” is okay. Take BNL for example. some like to label them as pop-alternative. i guess so … but i would consider them a whole lot poppy and much more alternative-y.

    but that’s just me.

    not to mention that iTunes cannot rate music to save its binary life. i swear, there’s a default genre that it assigns to every single CD that i rip, regardless of the actual genre. it’s dumb.

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