Alive and Kicking

I swear, I’m not dead … thought I’ve felt rather not alive for the last several weeks. Work, you know … 12-13 hour days, working weekends … it’s been unpleasant as far as being able to write here, but things happen. Like when our hardware doesn’t show up forever, so then I get to practice the fine art of “theory writing” as opposed to actual technical writing. There’s a big, big difference. Notebook in hand, watching and/or participating in the set-up and tear-down of equipment, documenting each step … yah. Haven’t gotten to do that, so I’ve had to literally guess what the procedures were. Could not have been more wrong. And it’s frustrating to me for a ton of reasons, but whatever. The good news is that the project is out the door, and I’m semi-relatively-sort of free of that project (until a revision comes along, which I’m sure will be Monday or Tuesday).

Anyway, I’m here, and sort of alive. Much to discuss as far as concerts, new music, Kickstarter projects … lots to write about. Just need to not work 13 hour days.

Speaking of concerts, as one very close to my heart put it on Monday, “A Perfect Circle hasn’t put out new material in 7+ years, yet they still manage to sell out everywhere they play.” Good point. Granted, Kingsbury hall holds just over 1900, but for that matter, APC could have easily played a 19000 seat arena and sold it out. So I guess we were two of the lucky few who got to see the show. And what a show it was. Stand by for the review (FINALLY).

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