RIP, Children

So, I had a post written. It sucked. Here’s a new one. It will probably suck too cuz I have no idea what I’m going to write.

Earlier in the day, I was listening to the Moody Blues. They were a high school staple of mine. I wore thin every tape of theirs I had. On the way to school, at lunch, during free periods, on the way home, on the way to my job, doing homework … I listened to them a LOT. Of course, I listened other things too, but for a while, they were my main band.

Times they do change …

As the years have passed, my tastes have broadened–become more refined. Gone are the days sitting around enjoying a rousing round of the Sea Hags. Yes … that’s an actual band. Anyway, those days are gone. In their place is an appreciation of more musical bands–ones with talent.

So it is with a continually heavying heart as I listened to the Moody Blues’ 2nd album, To Our Children’s Children’s Children today. Now … to caveat that statement, I have to go on record as saying that most of their older music holds up nicely. They were innovative for their time for incorporating orchestral arrangements in a lot of their music, so that’s pretty cool. Lyrically … wow. I don’t remember them being so cheesy. Granted, it was the late 60s/early-to-mid 70s when they wrote a majority of their stuff. Lots of cheesy lyrics. Talking about a rocket launch as if it were “10 million buttefly sneezes”? Come on … really?  Granted, it’s off their sophomore,  and sure–“Higher and Higher” is more an environmental statement, but … ugh. “10 million butterfly kisses.” Not the best line.

And that album is riddled with lines like that. Incredibly simple and … elementary, cheesy, and … well, dare I say it–weak. “Do as you please with so much ease.” So I’m labeling today “Nit-picky Sunday” cuz that’s pretty much what I’m doing. TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS.

It kind of makes me sad. I’ve kind of known that there was a high cheese factor to a some of their lyrics for years, but today it just *really* grated it on my nerves. Sad! I’m blaming it on the Percocet. I can do that … right?

Kids Won’t Listen Unless It’s Cassettes Won’t Listen

The other day, my wife needed some song to help my daughter clean. Typically, she will do anything when it comes to dancing. So wife woman found a song on Amazon that she thought would do the trick. Bought it, thew it in iTunes, and played. Miraculously, child #2 immediately started to clean. The heavens opened and angels sang harmonious melodies as our daughter beautified our home. Granted, it was her mess, and it was substantial in size … but SHE DID IT. Baby steps …

So this morning, the same room was a disaster. Wife couldn’t remember the full name of the dance song, so she searched for the part that she could remember: “Freeze Dance.” Two songs popped up. The iTunes search function being what it is, it didn’t quite filter properly, so the list consisted of “The Freeze Dance”–the song she wanted, and “Freeze and Explode” by Cassettes Won’t Listen. To my surprise, the girls (both of them needed to help because they both made the mess) refused to do anything unless the Cassettes Won’t Listen song was on. They loved it! This makes me happy for a number of reasons:
  1. It shows that they’re starting to out-grow the generic kids’ songs that are so utterly mundane and boring
  2. They’re starting to develop a good sense of musical taste.
  3. They like to dance to good music–not crap.
These same children also like “They Will Not Control You” (they’re way of saying “Uprising” by Muse), “I Want It Now” (“Hysteria” by Muse), and other assorted songs with their own strange titles, typically consisting of snippets of lyrics that they actually remember. It’s funny and cute.
Anyway, that’s it. I was going to review Scars on Broadway’s CD since that actually did come in the mail yesterday, but I’ll get to that later today or tomorrow.

Comfort Music for the Day from Hell






General anesthetic. Knives. Post-op pain killers.

Okay, the pain killers part isn’t so bad. The reason behind the pain killers though … imagine that Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw had a dream about you. In that dream, they were able to conceive a hell-child that was going to perform surgery on you. That’s how today is shaping up.

This lovely lady is helping me start journey down the primrose path. She was really nice and friendly. Probably cuz she knows I’m having a knife shoved up my junk and is taking pity on me.

Like I said … day from hell.

Anyway, to keep this somewhat musically related, on my way in, I thought, “man … I need some pump-up music.” On my phone, I have mostly mellow stuff: Mia Doi Todd, The Weepies, Angela McClusky, Sarah Fimm, Dulcesky, Band of Horses, Samantha Crain, Vas, Paisley Rose … mellow stuff, all of which is lovely music. However, I needed something high-energy.

Muse …

Specifically, “The Resistance.” Small little factoid about me: I like to sing in the car. Muse is a great band to sing along with. They could get me in the right frame of mind to

Crap. It’s go time … Holy hell, this sucks.

Ooh. Maybe not. Warm blanket, IV … guess this isn’t so bad.

Oh wait … they’re still shoving a knife where no knife belongs … so yah. Still sucks.


And now the wait begins. Apparently, 15 minutes or so.

Finished IV handi-work.


Okay bye.


So, I’m at home, heavily sedated and glad that it’s over. I’m pretty sure that this Percocet is gonna cause a massive headache. It doesn’t feel very happy-ish.

I got scrips for Percocet, some spasm medicine, and some anti-biotics. All told, I should be done with this by Monday morning, if not sooner. Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, to keep me company, I have iTunes on shuffle, playing in the background. The sweet sounds of Bettie Serveert are keeping me even more mellow.

The Theme of This Post Is …


So I have been tinkering with some theme modification ideas. I like a lot of the themes that are out there, but none of them are “me.” So I’m working on my own. The theme you see before you right now is very much a WIP. If I had access to Photoshop, it would be infinitely cooler. However, it’s something I’m working on and will continue to work on throughout the evening. As in, now. Anyway, just thought I’d tinker with the page some and give it a somewhat new feel. I’m trying to streamline my twitter and blog pages so there’s a similar look to each. We’ll see how that goes.


All the music from my phone remained intact. THAT’s a relief.

So, the point of my concern was that a few months back, I had to re-install Windows (guess Bill didn’t like me using my “evaluation” Windows 7 OS anymore …). Unfortunately, my iTunes library wasn’t backed up entirely. All the purchased material was flushed with the hard drive re-format. Fortunately, that consisted of a total of two songs from my friend in Seattle, who sings with the band Paisley Rose out of Portland. Again, just two tracks, and I most certainly did not mind re-purchasing them … but what if i had lost my whole library? I’m not an iTunes guru by any stretch, but from the attempts I made at finding a way to re-download my already purchased tracks, I seemed to be up the proverbial creek without so much as a canoe, much less a paddle. 

Anyway, so it was a great relief to me to see that my phone did not purge the purchases when I connected it to my desktop for the first time.

And stand by for another post! A concert announcement that I didn’t know was even on the docket. SWEET.

This Post Has No Title

Well la-de-frickin’-da. Fidelity screwed me over. One day, I’m making bank and gainfully employed. Next day, out of work, no warning, and seriously wondering what just happened. Thus was my day on August 19th. Since then, I’ve been in a funk, not really feeling like doing much of anything other than wondering, “What …? Why?”

Well, writing funk is over. It’s time to get back into it. So hopefully, things will be a lot more regular on here. It’s not like I don’t have time, right? 🙂

So my friend Crystal went to the Big Gig show in Denver. Her review was excellent. Some local bands that look pretty promising. Gonna check out their stuff and see what they’re like. Hopefully, there’ll be at least one good band in there, right?

So, as of this moment forward, be looking for more posts. I’m done wallowing.

Funny Work Place Convo

So, my buddy Howard and I were chatting over our inter-office chat doohickey. Noticing the time, I realized how much I still have to get done (yet here I am, taking time to post a new blog entry).


Chris: okay,  i *must* get this crap done

Chris: refocusing …

Howard: k

Howard: gl

Chris: yah … thanks.  i’m going to need it

Chris:   🙂

Howard: np mp glot

Chris: dude

Chris: that looks like a sigur ros song

Poor guy had no clue what I meant. 

It looks like Sigur Ros “lyrics” to me, anyway.

Keeping My Head Above Water …

So, no new music today. No review, no … nothin’. Life has been too hectic to actually enjoy any new music lately, so … this post is just to let all my valiant readers know that yes–I am alive. Thanks for caring!

I will say this about music … there are some days that certain songs hit you harder than others. Sometimes that “hit” is in a good way; other times, it feels like someone pulled out the rug from under you and kicked you while you were on your way down. During those “kicking” times, I tend to just listen to talk radio more simply so I don’t have the negative association.

I hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy your week!

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