New Music Friday!!

After a long hiatus of not posting new music, it’s time to update. Yes, another trip to the fantastic Fat Fin, another fantastic haul. 12 CDs for $37. I can handle that!

This is not the first time I’ve bought new music in a few weeks … it’s just the first time I’ve posted buying new music in a few weeks. In several weeks, actually. Chalk it up to busy Fridays at work and forgetting to write when I get home, or being out of town, or … something.

So here’s what I got today.

  • The Lost Patrol – Songs About Running Away
  • De Giacomo – Asa Nisi Masa
  • The Tight Connection – I Am the World Trade Center (2002 release date … I’m very curious to hear what this sounds like)
  • First Aid Kit – Drunken Trees (recommended by John! THANKS!)
  • John Wilkes Booze – Five Pillars of Soul
  • Liars – There’s Always Room on the Broom EP
  • McLusky – She Will Only Bring You Happiness
  • Burning Brides – Fall of the Plastic Empire
  • The Caribbean –┬áPlastic Explosives
  • Champaigne Kiss – Dancing in the Pocket of Thieves
  • Clinic – Walking with Thee
  • Controlling the Famous – Automatic City

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