Boom Bip – Blue-Eyed in the Red Room

Since I haven’t really “reviewed” anything as of late, I flipped over to iTunes and hit the “random” button. I then clicked “next” 5 times. The first thing that popped up was Boom Bip’s Blue-Eyed in the Red Room CD. So, here goes.

Ummm … cool.

Interesting stuff. I like that it’s mostly instrumental. I also like that there are literally no samples used. There’s kind of a Postal Service sound to this, but no Ben Gibbard–just music. And it’s mixed really well. A lot of times with instrumentals, there’s an emphasis on keyboards, or bass, or drum beats. Not this–everything is well balanced and sounds great together. I’d be curious to know if this was all done on a keyboard, or whether actual instruments were used. It sounds like instruments, but with as accurate as some sound processors can be, it’s a bit difficult to tell!

The CD opens with “Cimple.” Keyboards, piano, drums, bass, something that sounds like a harpsichord, some other programmed sounds … kind of a mellow piece that kind of keeps you awake, but could easily lull you to sleep.

“The Move” is a little faster, with more keyboards, bass drums, something that sounds like it’s supposed to be a snare but isn’t … sounds more like a DJ scratching. Lots of layered sounds mixed in.

I’m liking this CD.

“Do’s and Dont’s” features utilizes the vocals of Gruff Rhys. “Thou shall not do this; thou shall not do that.” I like the lyrics–a classic back-and-forth between opposites. I’m also digging the water-pipe sounds. If you’re familiar with the STOMP dvd where they play pipes in an underground sewer line and they put them in water and move them up and down, yah–similar sound.

Kind of like Mike Oldfield, a little Owl City-ish… though in my opinion more diverse and a LOT more sounds than OC. I like this CD a lot.

Okay, that’s it for the song reviews. If you’re a fan of instrumental music and dig the whole electronica scene, this CD is for you.

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