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Admittedly, web comics aren’t my … thing. I don’t read a lot of them. It takes a lot for me to *want* to follow a web comic.

Enter Jeph Jacques. Much like Penny Arcade is to video games, the original concept of Questionable Content was to bring Indie music to the masses. I think. That’s my perception of the comic, anyway. With a degree in music, I’m sure there had to be some correlation.

As far as comics go, you’ll need to read it for yourself to judge of course, but I frickin’ love it. Witty, acerbic, sardonic, and TONS of indie music references. Especially at the beginning of the strip. As it progresses, it kind of reaches its zenith with the music references when the main character, Martin, forms a band with his friends. After that fizzles, so do the music references. Again … correlation? Dunno. One to ask Jeph.

Not only does he design his web comic exclusively, but he also designs the merchandise as well. I got a t-shirt the other day with the ever-endearing anthro PC, Winslow, that says “I am full of music.” It couldn’t be any more appropriate for me. LOVE the shirt.

Jeph also maintains a couple other blogs. here are somenod his links:


Awesome online comic. Enjoy it.

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