Super Bowl Half Time Show

So, to be fair, I’m not at all familiar with Black Eyed Peas. I don’t even know if they use a definite article to define themselves. That’s how unfamiliar I am with them. So it’s with a very large salt lick that I feel qualified to write this review. I hate it when you open the paper to read a review of the <insert favorite band name here>concert you attended the night before, only to read a less-than-favorable article because the write has no clue who the band is or any songs they play. So I’m trying to be favorable here for what I saw.

I guess I know more than I thought. I do know that Will.I.Am and Fergie are in the band, so … there’s that. However, no idea what they sing.

Gah. Ya know what? Forget it. I don’t know them, I don’t particularly care for their stuff, and that’s justĀ  … it. That’s fact.

The best part of the half time show? The dancers off-stage who had those color-changing suits. All of us watching decided that we need to find a way to get those suits for us, then we’re gonna go dancing. Cuz really … who could resist a light-up suit?!

I will say this: they are extremely high energy. If all you’re looking for in your music is something to shake your booty to, then these guys need to be near the top of your playlist. You will shake yo’ ass until yo’ ass falls off! Like I said, I don’t really care for their stuff, but even I wanted to get up and jump around (jump around!). Ha ha ha. I slay myself.

Usher. I …

No … it’s not worth it.

So that’s that. Another half time show come and gone.

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