Primus and those Alemeda County Losers

Talk about prophetic.

Bit of history: Primus originated in the bay area. Les Claypool even penned a couple of tunes about the area, with references to San Pablo bay, fishing, etc. So, now you know that

This morning, as I’m getting ready to go to work, I come out here and check my Facebook stuff. A friend posted a link to this article. If I could ask for a show of hands of how many people find this utterly despicable and reprehensible, I would. Alas, the internet being what it is, all I can ask for are comments, which will have to do. I guess that’s the digital equivalent of asking for a show of hands, right?

Personally, I find it disgusting. So the guy was suicidal? Does that stop law enforcement or fire fighters from stopping the suicidal person who’s standing on the San Francisco Bay bridge? or at the top of the Sears Tower? Or the person teetering on the edge of jumping into Niagara Falls? No. So why the hell is this guy worth any less of an effort?

Are you ready for it?

“The water is too cold.”

I’m sorry … what?

“Yah, you know … 54 degree water … I might get cold.”

It took this man damn near an HOUR standing in 54 degree water to die. You mean to tell me some big, strong, burly cop or firefighter couldn’t get out there and get him back in no more than 10 minutes? he wasn’t that far out in the bay.


Ohhhhh … but wait a sec. They get to hide behind their red-tape bureaucracy of “policy.” Apparently, it’s “policy” to not save a guy if he’s trying to commit suicide by walking into a 54-degree body of water.

Absolutely the last place on earth I’d want to live: Alemeda County, California, USA. Period. Afghanistan. Ukraine. Siberia. Barrow Alaska. All places I’d rather live than Alemeda County.

Anyway, I mention that and the Primus thing to tell you this next bit.

As I’m on my way to work, having my entire iPod on shuffle, I start the engine, drive down the road, and turn on my music. What’s the first song that comes on?

“Dirty Drowning Man” from Primus’ Anti-Pop CD. How creepy is that? I almost wrecked my car from the shock and pure randomness of the shuffle. Good thing I don’t live in Alemeda County … no one would bother trying to rescue me.

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