iTunes and iCloud First Thoughts

It is here. iCloud is now a reality. What does that mean for those of us with an iTunes account?

Truthfully, I’m not sure.

Here’s my thing. I have Audiogalaxy installed on my phone. It’s free. From anywhere I can get a semi-decent signal–wi-fi or 3G–I can listen to my entire music collection … not just 25000 songs worth. APparently, that’s the cap on how many songs you can have iTunes match. Why there’s a cap at all is beyond me, but whatever. There is. At an average of approximately 10 songs per CD, that’s 2500 CDs. I’m fairly certain the average listener doesn’t have that much.

I do. And them some. So what am I supposed to do? I can’t create 2 accounts because my phone can only be recognized by one account at a time. If I try downloading songs from another account, I’m sure I’ll get lambasted for trying to. So that’s not really an option.

Now I’m back to the fact that Audiogalaxay has EVERYTHING I own available through its app. Granted, I can’t download a particular song … but I do not have to because IT’S ON MY FRIGGIN’ HARD DRIVE AT HOME.

To be fair, I do see one application where iTunes in the Cloud could be useful. It makes for a handy back-up system. I’d create multiple accounts to host 25000 songs each. Ha ha! Then if a hard drive dies or goes kaput, I can re-download them. But then again, where their songs are only encoded at 256kbps, mine are all encoded at 320kbps. Gain some hard drive space; lose some sound quality. And yes–I’m one of “those” audiophiles.

One thing I *really* like about this new cloud service is the availability of apps I’ve long since forgotten I had due to a reformat and loss of all apps. THAT is pretty cool. ANY app I’ve ever purchased is available to download. Slick. Hopefully, Apple doesn’t “fix” that little hiccup (cuz it kind of seems like it shouldn’t be that way for some reason, right?)

Anyway, I’ll reserve judgment for when I actually start using the service. Maybe I’ll find more to like. Maybe I won’t. For now though, I’m content to download my old apps!


Google Creativity

Say what you will about their apps: Google is just downright creative. Have you seen their homepage today? In honor of Les Paul, they created a pretty cool little guitar string logo. And yes–you can strum it and record your tracks. Pretty nice, eh? Here’s one I came up with from “doodling.”

Thank you, Les Paul, for some amazing guitars. Thank you, musical artists, who have supported Les in his guitar making endeavors and making some incredible music. I mean … just look at this list. It’s practically a “who’s who” of the guitar world.

Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s the fact that Les Pauls tend to carry a certain mystique to them, but it just feels like, for a guitar player, touching a Les Paul is akin hoisting the Stanely Cup. It’s the coup de grace. The holy grail. Not being a guitarist, I can’t say that definitively, but it just seems like it. And why shouldn’t it be? Is there a more recognized name in guitars? Not that I’m aware of.

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