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In light of the events today in Egypt, I feel that writing a post about something so subjectively ethereal as music just doesn’t seem fitting. There is a revolution taking place in the Middle East unlike any of us have ever seen, or possibly will ever see. Hundreds of thousands have gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo to voice their anger and rage over the Mubarek regime, and they are taking action for change.

While part of me is rooting like crazy for them to overthrow this evil despot who has literally pirated his own country (his net assets off-shore are reportedly in the billions, while his countrymen earn the equivalent of between $2-4 a day …), part of me is terrified of the world-wide ramifications. How will this sit with the rest of the Middle East? Will other countries with despicable leaders rise up and attempt the same? Not to mention the fact that no one knows where the Egyptian army stands. Will they stand with the revolutionaries? Or will they obey orders and turn on their own countrymen, if given the order? How is this going to play out long-term?

These are the questions I worry about today. I worry about the lives of people I’ve never met. I wonderabout how this could possibly de-stabilize that area of the world even further. What if the US doesn’t intercede? Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. For as much as the world hates us for Afgahnistan and Iraq, how will it be viewed if we don’t help Egypt? We’ve kind of shot ourselves in the foot in that respect.

Dear readers, we’re on the cusp of something large–something scary … something new. I hope and pray that this ends well for the citizens of Egypt and really for all of us. Truthfully, I’m less worried about what will happen to Mubarek and his vice president. I’m extremely worried about the possibility of the Tahrir demonstrators storming the presidential palace and attempting a coup, as has already been tweeted about by those I’m following from over there. Their tweets and re-tweets are enough to show that there is already a mob mentality that’s way past brewing; they’re formulating plans.

I hope like hell this ends well. My heart wants it so badly for them. My gut and my brain are singing a different song, and it’s not a pretty tune. God help them if they storm the palace.  I don’t know if anyone else will …

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