Spamming Spammers and the Spam They Spam

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there aren’t a lot of legitimate comments that get posted here. I’m okay with that. It’d be great if people commented, but really, not a big deal. What I find hilarious are some of the spam comments. I mean … come on. At least *try* to say something non-generic. Or English, since I write in English. At least write something intelligent or legible, as a bare minimum.

These two are a small sample of the hud I receive.


“I would equal to add your journal to my blogroll gratify bowman me what mainstay should I use?” Umm … what?

“Superb blog post, I acquire book credible this internet website so alluringly I’ll see abounding added on this answerable in the answerable future!” Pure joy, right here.

Aren’t those great?! I mean, WOW! It actually makes me cringe. But seriously. How funny.

Update March 6 2011

Here’s another gem–it smacks of “Google Translator.”

Good day Site owner. My companion and i truly just like the posting and the web site all in all! Your submit could be very plainly written in addition to without issue understandable. The Weblog theme is wonderful as effectively! Would definitely be great to know precisely where I can acquire it. If possible keep up the good job. All of us need much more this type of website house owners reminiscent of you online and also much less spammers. Wonderful mate!

Indeed, if at all possible, I *will* keep up the good job!

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  1. I love spam. Well, okay, I really don’t love spam, but I do love laughing at spam. I haven’t blogged long enough to collect it there, but I get the best emails.

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