Y’all Ready for This?

Yes–that is indeed a reference to 2 Unlimited’s one-off, sports arena thumpin’ anthemic dance track. Quick tangent … I have a 6-year old Yamaha keyboard right next to my workstation. Every now and then, I like to dabble and figure out songs. So far, I’ve figured out Rush’s “Subdivisions,” Muse’s “Uprising,” Van Halen’s “Jump,” and a bunch of others. Also, I like to make stuff up and just tinker. I’ll go through the sound bank and tinker for hours. The other day, I hit a low E and I thought, “Hmm. Sounds like a basketball game.” So I started tinkering with the keyboard and found the right chords, etc. Next thing i knew … “Y”all ready for this?!”

Anyway, that’s the perfect segue into the main point of the post. I kind of had a lack-luster last few months of 2010. Blame it on the lay-off. That took a pretty massive toll on my psyche. So much so that I really just didn’t have the desire to do much of anything except job hunt. And when I *did* land a job, I hit the ground sprinting. “Baptism by fire,” as it were. So, yah. It’s been a wicked crazy 2 months at the new gig.

Having said all that, I am planning on posting a ton more. 2011 already has an awesome feel to it. Gotta capitalize on the feel-goods and keep hitting the ground running! So I have a ton of plans for posts. Reviews, thoughts, opinions, concert announcements (maybe … there are already tons of great sites to check out in the SLC area for concert stuff … another site might just be overkill), and whatever else crosses my mind.

So here we go, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to 2011!

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