Comfort Music for the Day from Hell






General anesthetic. Knives. Post-op pain killers.

Okay, the pain killers part isn’t so bad. The reason behind the pain killers though … imagine that Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw had a dream about you. In that dream, they were able to conceive a hell-child that was going to perform surgery on you. That’s how today is shaping up.

This lovely lady is helping me start journey down the primrose path. She was really nice and friendly. Probably cuz she knows I’m having a knife shoved up my junk and is taking pity on me.

Like I said … day from hell.

Anyway, to keep this somewhat musically related, on my way in, I thought, “man … I need some pump-up music.” On my phone, I have mostly mellow stuff: Mia Doi Todd, The Weepies, Angela McClusky, Sarah Fimm, Dulcesky, Band of Horses, Samantha Crain, Vas, Paisley Rose … mellow stuff, all of which is lovely music. However, I needed something high-energy.

Muse …

Specifically, “The Resistance.” Small little factoid about me: I like to sing in the car. Muse is a great band to sing along with. They could get me in the right frame of mind to

Crap. It’s go time … Holy hell, this sucks.

Ooh. Maybe not. Warm blanket, IV … guess this isn’t so bad.

Oh wait … they’re still shoving a knife where no knife belongs … so yah. Still sucks.


And now the wait begins. Apparently, 15 minutes or so.

Finished IV handi-work.


Okay bye.


So, I’m at home, heavily sedated and glad that it’s over. I’m pretty sure that this Percocet is gonna cause a massive headache. It doesn’t feel very happy-ish.

I got scrips for Percocet, some spasm medicine, and some anti-biotics. All told, I should be done with this by Monday morning, if not sooner. Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, to keep me company, I have iTunes on shuffle, playing in the background. The sweet sounds of Bettie Serveert are keeping me even more mellow.

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