Word of the Day: Deluge

From Mirriam-Webster’s website:

\ˈdel-ˌyüj, -ˌyüzh; ÷də-ˈlüj, ˈdā-ˌlüj\
Definition of DELUGE
1 a : an overflowing of the land by water b : a drenching rain
2 : an overwhelming amount or number

Thus began my extended weekend. Wednesday, the 450+ CDs showed up in the mail. Now … I must be fair. I was less than enthused when I saw the single box. I thought, “What …? How are there possibly 450 CDs in that box?” Easy. No jewel cases. Everything was in cardboard sleeves or paper/plastic sleeves. Not to mention that a lot of the CDs were compilations … mixes and such from various record companies. I *hate* compilation CDs. So, my philosophy on CD owning is this: I MUST have the full CD and, were feasible, I must have the entire discography. You can see where that would become problematic with a band like Rush, or the Rolling Stones.

So I went through the box and picked out what looked of interest to me. To be fair, there’s a good stack of stuff to still go through. This is what i still have to go through.

As you can see, there’s a lot. I’ve barely whittled down that left stack. So what I’m doing is sorting through those stacks and making piles of EPs and full-length releases.

I’ve ripped some, but not many. maybe 11 or 12. It’s good stuff.

Oh. Then there’s the NPR auction I won on eBay around the same time. 20 CDs in that stack. plus the four Sambassadeur CDs I bought on a buddy’s recommendation. *That* was a good choice. Those guys are amazing.

So, all told, I think I’ve won about 500 CDs, but I’d say less than 150 of those will ever grace my hard drive. And truthfully, I’m okay with that. the 20 I won from the NPR eBay auction only cost $7.20, so that’s a screaming deal, and even if I take away 100 CDs from that stack of 450, I’m still only paying 50 cents a CD, so *that’s* a screaming deal too.

You know I like listing what I got. I would … but that would scroll forever. No–I won’t do that to you. Just know that there’s some good stuff in here.

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