RIP, Children

So, I had a post written. It sucked. Here’s a new one. It will probably suck too cuz I have no idea what I’m going to write.

Earlier in the day, I was listening to the Moody Blues. They were a high school staple of mine. I wore thin every tape of theirs I had. On the way to school, at lunch, during free periods, on the way home, on the way to my job, doing homework … I listened to them a LOT. Of course, I listened other things too, but for a while, they were my main band.

Times they do change …

As the years have passed, my tastes have broadened–become more refined. Gone are the days sitting around enjoying a rousing round of the Sea Hags. Yes … that’s an actual band. Anyway, those days are gone. In their place is an appreciation of more musical bands–ones with talent.

So it is with a continually heavying heart as I listened to the Moody Blues’ 2nd album, To Our Children’s Children’s Children today. Now … to caveat that statement, I have to go on record as saying that most of their older music holds up nicely. They were innovative for their time for incorporating orchestral arrangements in a lot of their music, so that’s pretty cool. Lyrically … wow. I don’t remember them being so cheesy. Granted, it was the late 60s/early-to-mid 70s when they wrote a majority of their stuff. Lots of cheesy lyrics. Talking about a rocket launch as if it were “10 million buttefly sneezes”? Come on … really?  Granted, it’s off their sophomore,  and sure–“Higher and Higher” is more an environmental statement, but … ugh. “10 million butterfly kisses.” Not the best line.

And that album is riddled with lines like that. Incredibly simple and … elementary, cheesy, and … well, dare I say it–weak. “Do as you please with so much ease.” So I’m labeling today “Nit-picky Sunday” cuz that’s pretty much what I’m doing. TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS.

It kind of makes me sad. I’ve kind of known that there was a high cheese factor to a some of their lyrics for years, but today it just *really* grated it on my nerves. Sad! I’m blaming it on the Percocet. I can do that … right?

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