New Music Friday, Percocet Edition

Okay, not that Percocet has ANYthing to do with the fact that I bought this stuff. I just happen to be on Percocet while I’m typing this. Yes it’s related to yesterday’s post. I will say this much: catheters are not a pain in the ass; they’re a pain in somewhere MUCH worse. If you can avoid them, do so.

So here’s the new stuff. It’s an awesome set, too. Already¬† previewed some of it.

  • Sinoia Caves – The Enchanter Persuaded
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Some Loud Thunder
  • Cul de Sac – Death of the Sun
  • Combustible Edison – Schizophrenic
  • The Delta 72 – The Soul of a New Machine
  • Division Day – Visitation
  • Double Dagger – Masks
  • Division of Laura Lee – Black City
  • Division of Laura Lee – DasNotCompute
  • Digable Cat – Letters from My Dreams
  • The Early November – For All of This
  • Common Loon – The Long Dream of Birds
  • Club 8 – The Friend I Once Had
  • Clinic – Walking With Thee
  • Consonant – Love and Affection
  • Decibully – Sing Out America

I’m also waiting on a Scars on Broadway CD from Amazon. That’s Daron Malakian and Jon Dolmayan from System of a Down fame. I’m curious to see how they sound. I’ve always like Daron’s vocal contributions, so I imagine his solo material (read: half of SOAD) will be awesome. Guess I’ll find out when the CD comes, eh?

And now the CD ripping begins.

“Dude. You buy CDs still? Why …?”

I like it. So what? It also means that no one can tell me what to do with MY purchased and ripped material. I don’t have to worry about what iTunes window it’s playing in, no picky DRM … it’s all mine.

And on that note, I bid you all a great night. This Percocet stuff is gonna knock me out cold. Again. I hope …

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