My Sydney Bristow Moment

If you didn’t watch Alias, this post might not make sense to you. And if you haven’t, I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix queue. Forgive the 4th and 5th seasons … they weren’t that great, but overall the show was just … wow. Very, very wow. Also, if you intend to rent the show, quit reading this post now cuz I’m about to drop at bit of spoiler info. Feel free to come back when you’ve finished the series. Or at least the first 2 eps of season 1.

No, seriously. You really don’t want to keep reading and risk a spoiler alert, do you?

Okay … can’t say I didn’t warn you

For those of you who are either not concerned with spoilers or are familiar with the show, remember in that episode of season one where Sydney confronts Vaughn about her involvement with the CIA? She wants to take down SD-6, and she promised to do it in record time. More banter/dialog/et al, then Vaughn asks Sydney to draw a map of what she views SD-6 has as far as contacts and ancillary groups. Her map is drawn on half of a sheet of legal pad. Vaughn then pulls out a rolled-up sheet of paper that looks like it measures probably 3′ x 4-5′, very densely populated with off-shoot groups, names and splinter organizations of SD-6. Her shock is evidenced by her reaction as she realizes exactly how large the organization really is and the depth  and extent to which their empire runs.

Such was my reaction to learning how involved the members of Broken Social Scene are in other projects. I knew that some members from BSS also provide us amazing music with The Stars, but … I thought that was it.

How wrong I was. How very, very wrong.

Mind you, the line-up has changed significantly over the years, and the list includes all members–past and present. Are you ready for this? Check out this link to Wikipedia’s page on BSS. I mean … seriously? I’ve heard of like 3 of those bands or artists: Metric, Feist and The Weakerthans. I find it interesting that Emily Haines used to be in BSS. Metric is pretty much nothing like them, so it’s interesting to know her background. And Feist?! Feist. This is like the greatest musical realization since … well, in a long, long time. I’ve always liked what little I had heard of Broken Social Scene, but holy crap … they’re like a nebula, except for bands and solo artists.

Anyway, if you’re into Canadian bands, that list will help you catch up on a TON of great music. I mean, THEY’RE ALL CANADIAN. My view of Canadian music differs drastically from that of the average American; I very much enjoy musical offerings from the Great White North (eh?). For decades, Canada has provides us with some seriously fantastic music.

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